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Cripple Creek                         Black-eyed Daisy                  Froggy Went a Courtin'
Juliann Johnson                     Sugar Babe*                        Babes in the Woods
Red-Haired Boy                     Rabbit in the Pea Patch          Barbara Allen
Fly Around My Pretty              Booth Shot Lincoln               Tom Dooley
     Little Miss*                       Hunting the Buffalo               Pretty Saro
John Brown's March               Buffalo Gals                          Cockles and Mussels
Black Jack Davy                     Train 45                               The Farmer's Curst Wife*
Cold Frosty Morn                   Waynesboro                         Black Jack Davy
Pretty Saro                           Chinquapin                           Lady Margaret
Betsy Likens                         Lady Margaret                       Little Mathy Groves
June Apple                            Fall on My Knees                   Single Girl
Boogerman                           Say Darlin' Say                     Winds Across the Wild
Shady Grove                         Pretty Little Widow                         Moor        
West Fork Gals                      Mary of the Wild Moor           Pretty Saro (Revisited)
The Cuckoo                           Southwind                           Two Sisters
                                            Oh My Little Darlin'               The Wife of Usher's Well
                                            Sourwood Mountain
                                            Old Molly Hare
                                            Gray Cat on a Tennessee Farm
                                            Cluck Old Hen

Breakin' Up Christmas                                                      Fisher's Hornpipe
Go Tell It On the Mountain                                                Angeline the Baker             
There Was A Pig Went Out To Dig                                     Mary Don't You Weep         Antioch (Joy to the World)                                                Cloud Dancing
Rise Up Shepherd And Follow                                            Bonaparte Crossing the
Christmas Is Coming (The Goose is Getting Fat)                     Rhine
Sleep Sound In The Morning                                             Arkansas Traveler   
Christmas Morning                                                          Old Liza Jane/Little Liza Jane
Cherry Tree Carol                                                            Groom's Tune (Bonaparte's
Lulle Lullay                                                                          Retreat
Christmas Day In The Morning                                          Brother Green
I Wonder As I Wander                                                     Amazing Grace
Christmas Time Will Soon Be Over                                    The Fox
Jesus, Jesus, Rest Your Head                                           Oh, Groundhog
Silent Night (Stille Nacht)                                                 Wayfaring Stranger

Sleigh Bells                                                                     Elzic's Farewell
                                                                                     Farmer's Curst Wife
                                                                                     Yellow Rose of Texas
                                                                                     Shady Grove
                                                                                     Sally Ann
                                                                                     Lonesome John
                                                                                     Cornbread and Butterbeans

  All CD packaging is made from recycled materials
(unless you're lucky enough to find the original jewel case edition of Old-Time Appalachian Music, a real collector's item!)

Old-Time Appalachian Music - 14 tracks and a bit more traditional and mellower sounding than Fried Okra.  You'll want this while sitting around you're fireplace or chugging down the road.  Banjo, fiddle, guitar, and vocals round out this sweet collection.


Fried Okra - 20 tracks and features several local Old-Time musicians on banjo, fiddle, guitar, spoons, penny whistle, upright bass, and vocals in rowdy and mellow renditions of old mountain tunes.

oky Mountain Ballads - 15 tunes featuring the fine vocals of Ruth Barber on six a cappella ballads, some way back to the 1600's.  Eight other ballads are accompanied by minor instrumentation, including one by guitar finger-picking champion Bill Mize.  These ballads were sung all around the Great Smoky Mountains.
-Time Appalachian Christmas - 15 really old Christmas tunes and sleigh bells with over 30 different local musicians and singers.  Hear Old Harp (shape note) singing, fiddle tunes, humorous ditties, a capella carols and spirituals, Appalachian Christmas ballads, and Celtic holiday tunes, and more.  This will be a great addition to your Christmas collection.
Boogertown Gap - The Place, The Band, The Music - a rockin', soulful, comedic, tearful, foot-shufflin', 20 tune collection of all those you've asked, "have you recorded that?" Well, here most of them on 21 different instruments and 7 outstanding musicians, in these Emerts Cove Sessions. 

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Boogertown Gap demonstrating Old-Time music on the front porch of the
Noah "Bud" Ogle Farmstead in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

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